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Since I've Turned Forty

Since I’ve turned forty.

Lots of things have happened since I’ve turned forty.
I have learned to accept that I am physically not perfect and that no one really is. Okay, so things have headed south but my smile hasn’t. No longer do I judge a book by it’s cover and what an enlightenment that has been.
With a little bit of effort I have lost a couple of stone in weight and now try to participate in some exercise each week, which unfortunately has also meant that I have discovered that I have arthritis in various places that I didn’t even know existed.
Both of my two children have pretty much left home and I have encountered and survived ‘empty nest syndrome’.
In a moment of madness I have been sky diving in a wind tunnel…not a great look in a jumpsuit, when you are a short arse with a big bum but hey, I did it! Two years running I have set myself a challenge of climbing one of those rock walls. The first year I got three quarters of the way up it, the second year right to the top and then three quarters of the way up the harder wall.
On my fortieth birthday it suddenly became apparent that people did like me.. Sad, I know, but I just didn’t know until then. Everyone was so very kind and generous, one of my happiest times.
Making new friends in the last five years has helped me to accept me for being me, I will always be grateful to them for helping through the days when I ‘blip’. In the last five years I have been strong enough to have a ‘clear out’ of all my ‘so called friends’ and I chose very carefully who I was to spend my next five years with.
Then there was the nudist camp…. giggles.. then giggles more.
I have grown my hair long. I went from blonde to brunette, something that I do prefer but am now struggling to maintain. Yes, in the last two years, I have grown white hair too….. and lots of it. Clever aren’t I?
My culinary skills have always been a bit of a joke but I have been a bit more adventurous in the kitchen. The family really appreciated not having to chew on charcoal at dinnertime for a change. I’ve even watched a few cookery programs….just so as I know what cooking to avoid of course.
In the last five years I have become ME again and not just so-and-so’s mum. I finally have my identity back.

Welcome to me ;o)
pennynoodles pennynoodles 46-50, F 29 Responses Dec 19, 2012

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Now I can trade you for two 20 yr olds lol

Just stumbled across this experience. It is beautifully written. Funny and inspiring. I have a big smile on my face!

I like this story. It's the story of someone knowing and becoming comfortable with themselves for who they are, instead of being fazed by the complaints of others telling them how they should be.

I'm part the way there but I wouldn't be human if I didn't have the odd blip now and then. Thanks for reading.

I have this thing when I sometimes read quite a few stories in succession and comment. Hope you don't mind. I'm enjoying yours :)

Makes a change for someone to actually read what I write. I do have quite a lot of stuff on here but because Ive also posted a lot of photographs too, the stories are not so easy to find unless you are willing to start at the last page, first. I also tend to read stories on a persons profile if they've sparked an interest in me.

This over 40 thing does take a bit of mental adjustment doesn't it ? I'm glad you have/are coming to terms with it. I had a chat with my doc a while back about a weird clicking in my thumb when I play PS3 games (yes I'm 45 and play video games) and a pain in my wrist when I put pressure on it. He casually informed me that I have arthritis. That was the last thing I expected him to say. I still think to myself," What ? arthritis ? Me ? WTF ? Nooo it can't be ! " But it is true. Thanks for sharing your story.

Arthritis... yes. Been giving me pain in my left foot for the last two years. No other avenue to explore but surgery now :O(

Well good luck with that. Doctors can do amazing things nowadays. Hopefully they will sort that foot out for a good few more years.

I liked reading this. You are lady that's lived and experienced life and have humor too. Well done for being so down to earth and honest. Hey life starts at 40 I say lol

Thank you very much for reading it. I'm glad you enjoyed the humorous side to it.

That's wonderful... Wish you so much happiness! :7 )

Thank you

You're welcome!

Welcome to a world of nutters and real people!

its good to read a story on the positive aspects of maturing.

That\'s what I keep telling myself lolol

just like a good wine you get better with age lol

Happy to welcome you - wisdom is coming to you Penny

It's taken long enough :O)

more to go than you realized - is there any more in your do list to do before 50 ?

A train holiday across Europe to Switzerland. That will have been crossed off my 'to-do' list by the end of August ;o)

who did you book with ?

A reputable travel company. Why?

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It is fun taking on new adventures.

It can be. Thank you for reading.

You sound grounded and happy with yourself. 'Okay, so things have headed south but my smile hasn’t.' I like that attitude and that's what I'm thinking too, facing the big 50 next year! ;-)

Mostly I'm ok with me, just the odd blip now and then. Thank you for reading it. :O)

Not perfect you say? If that's you on your avater: you look nearly 20 years younger! :-o

Thank you and thanks for taking the time to read. That is me on the avatar and I'm often told i look younger than my 46 years. Unfortunately, the rest of my body hasn't aged so gracefully and I dye my hair!

Well, I wouldn't know about that of course (yes, you can keep your clothes on :-p), but the look in your eyes is very 'young' as well. :-)

Nice story. How did you like the wind tunnel and the nudist camp ?

Both were great fun ;o)

Glad you found your way home to yourself.

It comes to everyone in time, enjoy it, continue to be YOU.

Thank you for reading, I intend to ;O)

Great stuff!!! Welcome back to "you" yourself! :-)

Thank you for reading ;o)

As the Brits would say..... T'was a pleasure! ;-)

I just re-read this and I don't think you gave enough time to the nudist camp! ;-)

Well, it wasn't quite what we expected. Perhaps I should write a little story about it.

Of course! Lol

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Thanks for sharing it was very nice to read and learn that you are short with a pillow butt (hehe) and then I got to the part of you getting nuded sweet (like out for that guy who rubs up against you)hehe

Thanks for reading!

ment look out for that guy. I normally do that write send with out looking first,

you've been there,I'm going through it.My daughter is speading her wings and I'm lost.who am I.

It is very difficult to let go of them. You want to protect them from harm and yet you know you have to allow them the chance to make their own mistakes. It's not an easy job being a good parent.

i've enjoyed being over 40.its the landmark age i've liked the most.we're 40 & fabulous lol

You wrote this on my birthday.
Happy Birthday to you if this day was recent or near.

Mine is not for a while yet :O)

Me too. Mind you in two months time, I will be nearer to 50....not sure about that. ;o)

Well if that is the case..............Then I must say that you will be a very mind boggling 50 years young lady. =)

I didn't realise you had posted another story and such an interesting one too!! And to think I thought I was just getting to know the real you! :) A wonderfully encouraging story though for anyone heading towards midlife and starting to feel that maybe their best days are over. Keep on facing the challenges hon! :)

Change is constant throughout life but at some times more rapid than others.
The only shame is that it took until your forties to realise people like you.


How refreshing to read this post, I love your outlook on life, I also can relate to a lot of what you stated, since turning forty I have embraced life and welcomed the odd challenge it throws up. Thanks for sharing.

You are very welcome, thank you so much for reading. x

Let me undertake the scope of congratulating you. Sounds like you have a great sense of humour, a very sharp mind and a lovely personality. Wishing a very enjoying, peaceful, long conjugal life ahead. God bless you .

Thank you very much, it means a lot to me when people read my offerings ;o)

Congratulations on going on into your forties. You are a beautiful person.

Aw, thank you for that.

Sounds great! Just think what could happen by the time you turn 50.

The world is my oyster so 'they' say :O)

Well they do say 'Life begins at 40!' I found EP when I was 40 and it's changed me...

I've already made some great friends on here. I enjoy the site. Thank you for reading about me.