Hi to all you other Brits please Post your area below. It will be interesting to see where your all from. I'm in Kent x
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Weardale Co Durham

I'm in Kent too

East Sussex....hello ;-)

Oh so far away lol, I'm in Aberdeenshire.

East yorkshire

We're almost neighbours

Are we? Lol

Im west yorkshire

I used to be west Yorkshire 😃

Why did you move?

Moved when i was 11. My parents choice not mine. Glad we did now though.

Beverley area

It certainly is 😊

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Near Liverpool!! :D

anymore brits living here in hot hot Floria

**grabs a big flag**
**waves across the estuary**...

a huge hi from sunny southend-on-sea!!!

Hi ya honey can nearly see you

Grabs bigger flag....

Oh there you are babes

Hehehe.... IM just finished work...about to cycle home
..have a great evening...maybe i catch with you tomorrow... Keep well.. Much love xx mark 💝☕

Look forward to it

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London............Central London Girl


Essex. You interested in meets?

im from Bradford but now live in Florida

That is so ******* sad!!! I can't believe that u had to move from there.

You may have to head to Texas now you cu//

Your too hot to be British! Plus, you have more than 2 teeth

I have all my teeth cheeky

I know - u scratched me down there

South Wales

I was kent but now sommerset

Stockport grt Manchester


Im in Buckinghamshire

i am in Worcestershire

Wish I lived in England

Watford, Hertfordshire

Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border, Robin Hood and sheep!

staffordshire/cheshire border

I'm from england


Lol I live in london

Hampshire....in Canada now

Hertfordshire born&bred. Moved to Norfolk two years ago:)

east midlands

East Sussex :)

West yorkshire

Oldham gtr mancs


I'm in Merseyside

Txt me?

Hello x

Msg me here babe x

Wirral Cheshire here !

Leicester :)

Shrewsbury, Shropshire. But now living in the USA.

North west now orig Croydon -)

Norfolk!!! :))

Brum here but from Sussex originally so technically we're almost neighbours

Lol yeah hi ya hun