Hello my British cherry pies ;)

Lolz how's you today? :D

Anyone doing anything exciting this week?
MissLorii MissLorii
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Only heading to the health center for some tests ;D


Hello,,,,, nope nothing exciting how about you?

Awh Lolz just studying exam in the morning i promised I'd be finished by. 9 pm but u have writers block :'(

Hey how are you?? Nothing exciting just driving up and down scotlands railway stations plumbing x

Ah I'm good Thankies how's you? An ah sounds like a big job :/

I'm not too bad at all thanks, awk it's tiring more driving than working but it pays well. What you up to this week then x

Ah exam tomorrow... :'( then Horror movie extra popcorn large drink with my crazy family lol and maybe take my little sis to the park

Ah busy day for you! Well good luck with your exam! What you studyin

Awh thankies :) I'm studying business finance :)

Cool you still stay in the uk?

Yep yups England

Aw cool my brother stays in Chester

Oh cool

Well iv got a 3 hour drive ahead of tonight better get a power nap on haha all best with your exam drop me a pm sometime

Thankies dude :3 cyas!

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Awh sorry to hear that, guess I'm not alone then lool

Working like a slave lol

Looool! Your not the only one

Studying for my Degree here in the UK with Open Uni.
Well, I think it'f fun!

Ah coolie :) what ya studying?

Maths & Physics; Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechnics (that's really difficult. I failed the module last time)

Ah sad I study business finance :)

just taking it easy what about you lol

Might go an see that new horror that's out tomorrow uhm something from evil looks dead scary Lolz

I'm going on holiday this week!! P.s you look stunning :)

Ooh where ya off to? An thankies

Swanage? Just a little town next to the beech! Gonna be catching up on my tan! Haha

Loolz nothing wrong with that, lucky you :) hope ya have fun

Thanks :) so what about you?

Hmm cinema tomorrow to watch a horror :) I hope lol

Is that the devil within or something?

Yeah looks so scared gonna cry my eyes out lol

I've only watched one horror film at the cinema and that was chenoble diaries! That was an awesome, are you into horror films then?

Yeah I adore horrors lol I love getting scared that adrenaline rush I guess

I've been watching them for years and I'm still not used to the jump parts!

I'm a total chicken half of it is spent staring in my hands lol

The best one I ever saw on the big screen was 'Drag Me To Hell'.
Made me scream out loud. It's just not the same on telly.

I couldn't sleep for 3 days!!!

Lol. You need a man with you to squeeze.

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