Hello my British bumblebees :)

What's everyone up to? Any plans for the weekend? :3
MissLorii MissLorii
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U look hot

I want tea. :3

which beach

Going swimming at the beach

well going for a long drive

I love the Scottish accent,,,,sounds so sweet

Might go see a movie

work & homework. dreadful life of a full time student and a full time employee..

Awh I know hun trust me but it's holidays give yourself a rest :)

No you're not. If born in these islands, then you're either Welsh (if you're lucky) Scots, Irish or English. Despite what the politicians say, there is no such thing as "British".

Dwi'n deall beth rwyt ti'n dweud. Ond soniodd MissLori am Britains nid Britons. (If you don't speak Welsh - note the capital letter!!- this says I understand what you say, but MissLori spoke about Britains not Britons.

I find it hard to believe that you are proud of your nation when you consistantly use a lower case letter for Wales! And "a bit of a nationalist"? Surely that's like being a bit pregnant?

Well having looked at your profile page, if you're still lying on your bed wanking, then I'm not surprised that your typing is crap!

Please, out of respect... Don't tell me what I am hun, I know what and who I am. If you identify yourself as Welsh good on ya but I'm not here to dispute who and what I am. Not with people who know nothing about me.

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A bit of work, then rest.

why do pictures from britain that are made outside of london are yellow and show run down places?

I don't understand what you mean sorry

working at my gardening business if the weather is ok and Monday may be going to Aberystwyth for the day

Ah have fun :)

Football weekend, so will be watching my team with mates, a few drinks down the pub and then chilling out for the rest of it lol.

Hey -

Let's run away

Why run when we can walk ? loolz


You're a feisty one! I like ;)

Hmm I'd say that I'm Spicy not feisty hun ;) Lolz

I love hot food!

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I'm working our how to use EP. :/

And spell correctly too apparently...

Loolz awh well welcome to ep :)

Thanks :)

British and beautiful!!

Awh! Lol

Awww bless thanks for ur heart but so want ur hot bod too!! Lol I wish....

Hi lorii hope the sun shines may head to the beach wbu?

Heys sadly I'm working but might go tgi's tonight hopefully

That's good grt cocktails foods not to shabby what's work for you?

Call center :/ lol not amazing I'm afraid lol

Lol give me the number il call and you can sell me!!

Lmaoo people can't call me I don't sell anything I just call people and take surveys looool

Lmao you are welcome to *** survey me anytime!!

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hooray bank holiday only problem is the weather is not looking that good.

The weathers never nice on bank holiday haha

Too true!

Bank Holiday weekend :))


Hey there. I am going on away in a camper van with a few friends for the weekend, and then I am going to get wasted and have a serious dance on Sunday night :). How about you?

Hey hey

Lool sounds like a mental weekend!

I'm working :'( so basically spending the weekend being abused on the phone lol

Whoa your weekend sounds wild! Seriously jealous :-P. On the phone all weekend? Who do you work for like? And that would give me one seriously bruised ear lol.

Lool trust me I'm deffo not excited to be on the phone all weekend :'(

I work for an annoying call center taking government survey lol

Hey, give me the number, I want to ring you drunk from the camper van and abuse you :-P.

Lool I call ppl they don't call me sadly lmao

Oh damn, I was really looking forward to that lol. Might of stopped you from been so bored.

Loolz I swear I'd make everyone call me on ep an get my strike rate up lmaoo

Man you would get some right weirdos ringing up. You would soon regret it when you get over a hundred people ringing up asking for your knickers :-p.

Lool more like I'd get fired

Which is why you would be regretful ;).

lol atleast it would beat being abused all day long literally everyone hates government surveys lol

Every hates the government in general :-P. Bloody hell this question is packed now, you have done well lol.

Loool I suppose, an yeah my inbox is like so full -.-" with replies to this post it's so annoying lol it's like just comment here

Haha yeah, bet most are guys trying to get more personal. But it is hard to see on here now lol.

Loool not really had mainly respectful guys today :) but lool I suppose but it's like this but worse in my inbox sadly not sure why I'm little miss popular today

Haha It is worse than this in your inbox?! Have you recently just put up your picture of something lol. Where abouts in Britain are you from? I am from York.

Lol yes shockingly and nah I've always had a pic up i doubt it's that it's just everyone's bored on here lol

I'm from bath

And weirdly enough you actually reply, and not just with a singular word like most people do who ask the questions on here lol.

Loolz :) might be a slow reply but I do try to reply with something reasonable I hate 1 word answers so boring .. Literally

True. They are boring and rude to be honest.

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