Britain's New Export : Islamic Terrorism

From the reports that I hear coming out of Britain, the government has become so biased in favor of Muslims that Muslim immigrants, especially radical ones, are beginning to feel and act like they own the country. Tony Blair was in great part responsible for imposing this form of political correctness, but the policy has continued under the Tory/Liberal coalition.

British police have been revealed to have looked the other way while Muslim ********* gangs operated in the UK. The problem with Islam and ********** is that one of the chief tenets of Islam is that Muhammad the founder of Islam lived an ideal life. Muhammad it so happens married and deflowered a nine year old girl.

Reporter Dale Hurd relates : "Today, Britain has functioning Sharia courts and Sharia patrols enforcing Islamic law on the streets."

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It's a national disgrace, and those who were raped and molested were punished (had to go to sensitivity training or some such rubbish) when they reported the perpetrators. Political correctness is, and will be our downfall. Probably the death of us.

This is a clear example of the media and government using Islam as a scapegoat. Islam and Islamic extremists are two very different sets of people.
I have nothing against Muslims or Islam, religion is a personal choice. I have a problem with s**t people who do s**t things.
I have the view that in an Islamic country I would have to behave in a certain way as a tourist or if I chose to live there, so I feel it should be the same the other way around.

It obviously can't be that way when the middle east own 56.6pc of the worlds oil, they pretty much have us by the b***s

Don't entirely agree but...why has UK Police interfered in the decision of Jehovah witnesses regarding the treatment of their son? None of their business, it is the parents to decide. These Jehadists...stop spending time on them. If they've left the UK for Syria ( and are known) cancel their passports...GOOD RIDDANCE!

Muhammad married a nine year old but you do forget that people married young. He was young too. He often played hide and seek with her too.


Muhammad was in his late 50's when he married Aisha. she was 7 YEARS OLD! he consummated the marriage when she was 9!

is that how hide and seek is played in the Islamic world

First understand that 1400 years ago was very different than now, times have changed and so have humans. 1400 years ago it was something very common to marry young girls, in fact they were not considered young girls, and rather they were considered young women back then. It is a historic fact that girls from the ages of 9 to 14 were being married in Europe, Asia, and Africa, in fact even in the United States girls at the age of 10 were also being married just more than a century ago.

I fully understand that the world was very different 1400 years ago. however, that's not what you originally said. you said that he was young too. he was not. he was 49 years old and she was 6 (yeah, I checked - from Islamic source material).

there is no doubt that the Christian world did some terrible things. there is no doubt that there are a few so-called Christians that are still doing terrible things. but we have tried to learn from those mistakes. we have implemented entire legal systems specifically charged with the protection of minors and other vulnerable people.

I'm sorry but the Islamic world cannot say the same thing. especially when it tries to hide and gloss over the actions of it's only prophet.

Yeah I got my facts wrong im only 13 oopsie but we do not hide and gloss over facts

OK, I started badly with you and I apologise. I knew that you were young but still spoke to you rather harshly. it's just that I have a tendency to talk to people exactly the same way regardless of their age, or anything else for that matter.

at the end of 2008 I met three guys who were in prison for vandalism and the destruction of property. these guys had originally been charged with terrorism because they had tried to break in, and burn down, the offices of a publishing company here in the UK. the reason they gave for doing this was that the company was about to publish a book called The Jewel of Medina. this book was written by an American author and is an account of the life of Aisha.

when I asked them why they took such drastic action they told me that it insulted the Prophet Muhammad. I asked them if they had read the book. they said they hadn't. I asked them how, in that case, did they know that the book was insulting in any way. they said that their imam had told that it was. I asked them if they knew who The Jewel of Medina was and how old she was when Muhammad married her and bedded her. they changed the subject and, instead, began to explain to me about how deeply offended Muslims were at the prospect of this book hitting the shelves.

they were also deeply offended that their charges had been reduced to mere vandalism because they saw themselves as martyrs to the cause of Islam.

that's just one example of the nonsense that I've come across over the years. I could give you dozens more. you seem like a genuine and bright person. just please use the intelligence that your god gave you.

Ha ha, it's called hide the sausage!

She was six or seven when he married her, and it's true that he was also quite young. Fifty, I believe. But at least he waited until she was nine, which is only about four years away from a normal menstruation age. He was probably bored with his other hundred or so wives

Is very disrespectful.

Is intentionally disrespectful.
Islam is vile

Do you believe in god?

I don't consider that relevant or any of your business

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