I do not talk like this:
"Why hello there old chap, what ghastly weather we're having!"
Or this:
"Alright me old geezer, how's it going son?"
I do drink tea and I do eat scones but I do not hold my "pinky" up.
Most conversations do start with the weather.
I do not have bad teeth
I am not posh
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so annoying when people assume thats how you speak and act x( know how you feel in this situation considering i speak to alot of people from america or europe although europe not as bad

Totally spiffing to know such a thing, lad. Good good what what.

Lol,,, golly godh

just go with the flow as there are not many of "us" & most are in the US!!! Always impressed with those who eat scones, but how do you say it? So it rhymes with con or cone?

Cone lol :)

To me that IS posh!!!

I thought con was the 'posh' way lol!

And I thought con was the way us common northerners said it - that is what posh people told me!

I lived for a while in Birkenhead - maybe I picked it up there!

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No I think it's a law.
You have to talk like that....

nah, no-one does. No-one HAS to do anything except find someone who understands!

Ha ha you got it about right there :)

'Course not, laddy! What in the name o' Scotland 'ould make you say that? *Drinks tea* **Chuckles** ***Eats scone*** ****Also randomly takes 'underground' more for the satisfaction of its name more than the need to actually go anywhere... Except for Big Ben... Where I'm going to meet the queen for a second tea****

I'm from Scottish but every time I say I live in the UK people assume I'm English

I wouldn't... to me UK is England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales... I could call myself English but tend to prefer Brit or UK

Isn't N. Ireland considering leaving?

Possibly and ditto Scotland... I am not well up on politics

That's Scotland. We are having a referendum on the 18th to vote for or against independence

Well I know that, but then Eire isn't UK, is it? And Scotland too? Wow. Things are moving might quick

Me too

Why? I've just been to Glasgow for the Comonwealth Games and walked on the ground Dr Who did, so I don't assume anything!

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ha ha be your self and be proud thats what i say

tally ho! pip pip aye hwat!

I'm English, does that count?

you should really start holding your pinky up. i think you're missing out.

You're too young to have bad teeth - give it time ;D

my dear old thing, terribly bad form to be pulling the legs of the jolly old stereotypes, don't you think? In other words "Oi, Muppet, just bleedin' shut it naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Lol I'm british but I'm 50% what you described in the first half haha. I often automatically hold my pinky finger up when drinking from a small mug or tea cup. Normally drink in this humungous mug that is hardly a mug at all so... No finger action unless I want hot herbal tea on my lap.
I'm not "posh" but I have certain etiquette rules I follow. It's how I taught myself to be as I grew up.