Well hello my British Honey bears ;)...

What's everyone up to ?

Such a boring day :(
MissLorii MissLorii
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Hey hey :) I'm enjoying the sun haha. you?

I'm not British but hello from New York.

incredibly boring, but it gives me a chance to catch up with my thoughts and memories

North or South?

Don't be bored...

same here :-(

i know right? i'm just killing time before my driving lesson

just finished work and now having a well deserved cup of tea what about you

Needed to go to school again :((( nah, it was actually pretty nice, seeing all my school friends again

hello how are you today

hello you. im bored too. thinking of packing up and going camping for a few days.

Buenos Dias! I am an American, here in the sunny warm desert southwest USA.

buenas tardes :) from my side of the world lol. It's cold here "shockingly"

Ha,ha it's supposed to get to 43 degrees Celsius today over here if you wanna catch a flight and warm up , right now at 8:00 am it's only 33 C

Wow that's good tanning weather lol

The rattlesnakes won't even come out in that heat, lol

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A day, like any other. Excitement is what you make of it.

This day just seems to drag


Ugh tell me about it I might force my dad to take me cinema lol

I am a Dad and my kids are up in their rooms playing! Nothing to do... might have a water fight later though! :)

Loolz now that sounds like fun

lol! tee shirts/lounge wear only (not good stuff!) and straight in to a towel and warm clothes afterwards!

Loolz sounds like fun, might have a water fight when my little sister gets home

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