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I Am A Mixed Up Kid!

  Technically, I am not British by blood- I am actually a mix............. of german, Romanian, and Hungarian.  

Born in Essex, I lived in London before moving to Ireland.  I am homesick to the point of suicide (joke) and visits to London are the only thing thst keep me sane-  Ireland is definitely NOT what it's cracked up to be.  Particularly Limerick, where I currently live!


I have sentiment for Burdett Road, Mile End, where I had a LOVELY flat on the 9th floor.  I was brought up in a tower block and though others often dislike them, I consider them reminiscent of HOME......

Sadly, there are hardly any blocks like that in Ireland.  I am hoping to move to Dublin this year, just to get into a bigger city........


MISS IT.......

emmasharn emmasharn 31-35, F Jan 27, 2010

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