Proud To Be British

I love being British, am very proud to be British but have a overwhelming feeling my identity is slowly slipping away form me.

I so don't want to appear racist in any shaped or form, it's more of a feeling of anger toward our government for what they have done......    :(

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totally disagree with sean8342.<br />
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i'm greek and have been living in england since i was five. whilst i don't consider myself as english, i am proud of being british and all that it entails.<br />
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it does not entail observing sharia law, teaching kids in turkish (something one of my local school tried to introduce a few years ago), getting rid of christian celebrations such as christmas, it does not even entail adopting greek customs. the celtic and gaelic traditions of great britain are part of the very fabric of british history that goes back thousands of years not a mere 300. these traditions do not attack being english, they simply differentiate the english from the scotiish, welsh and irish indigenous inhabitants of the british isles.

I think the real problem is British people's reluctancy to emmigrate. Sure, thousands of OAP's retire abroad but most working age Brits just stay put, even when there's no work.<br />
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You see, in other countries when there is no work the people will leave and go to were there is work (even if this is just temporary, until things pick up back home). But us Brits just sit around the doll office waiting for the infamous 'government' to do something about it.<br />
Just a thought.

I am the same age as Jesterhead, when we grew up the vast majority of people in the UK were indigenous and christian. That is still the case, but it is declining very quickly. I am not in favour of blaming the immigrants for Britain's demise, as seems to be the custom. We simply didn't love our country enough to look after it properly, protect it from European assimilation and from mass immigration. Our fault entirely, our generation, we have failed our children and given their birthright to all and sundry. We, the British people have allowed government after government to lie and deceive us and get away with it time after time. We have turned into a bunch of pussilanimous wimps who will put up with anything so long as we can have a new conservatory or climb a rung on the "property ladder". Consequently we are no longer British but EU Nationals. The brussel sprout the national emblem.

Isn't it the case that 'being British' is moving away from 'being English'? and English people just can't handle that? Sharia Law and / or the Celtic fringe etc are all part of being British for some Britons, it isn't that 'they' are taking over... it's just another phase in the development of Britain and what it means to be British. For the last 300 years being British was synonymous with being English..... but is increasingly no l longer the case... is this a bad thing?

Totally agree! The country does appear to be going down the pan!