God Save The Queen

In 1977 Johnny Rotten wrote a song about Britain

The lyrics were confused so as to not be too offensive to the establishment

But to many the message was fairly clear

Here is a reiteration of those lyrics:

"God save the queen and her fascist regime
With her army of morons wielding atom bombs
Don't be told what you want or need
Or else there's no future for you and me

God save the queen
She ain't no human being
Our figurehead
Is not what she seems

Tourists are money
To fund our dreams...
Crushed forests and poisonous machines

God save history
What a masquerade
Oh lord god have mercy so all our crimes are paid

God save the queen
We mean it man, we love our queen
But there's no future
In England's dreams

There's no future
For you and me

Don't be told what you want or need
We're the future, not the queen

God save the queen!
There's no future
For you or me"

jerrychap jerrychap
22-25, M
Feb 27, 2010