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I Am British

I am British. I am proud to be British.  I use to feel ashamed, disappointed and racist. 

I moved to the heart of England. I soon learnt the true meaning to be British. I am a different person now my true feelings to be accepted is amazing.

I no longer feel ignored for what I look like or what I say. I no longer need the attitude of Bristolians to define me. I will no longer and never let it be this way. I have lost love and faith.  

I recently went on a wonderful holiday in USA. I did not feel bad to say that I am from England, Great Britain.

Yes, I am proud to be British  and I am starting to be proud to born in England.


sparklekid sparklekid 31-35, F 3 Responses Nov 19, 2007

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The main thing that disappoints me about Brits is our slightly unreasonable propensity to apologise for the past and for history. So let's get this straight - we were on the wrong side in the opium war, we were pretty much the first to outlaw slavery, and we risked the life and limb of British sailors and Maine to clamp down on Transatlantic slave trade.
On balance - very pleased to be British

I'm proud to be British too, I was born in Wales and my mum's side of the family are all Welsh. My dad's side are all cockneys, I'm living in England now but I do miss home. Still, it's all Britain and I'm proud to be a part of it!

Well no, I believe sadly it's called segeration (bad spelling) or snobs