Broke Most Of The Time Now.....

I used to have a job where I made good money. Then I lost it and got up in this debacle called the recession. Now I have less to work with now then I ever have. So, I make due with what I can and pay the bills that I absolutely need to pay. For any of you in the same situation I hope you can relate.

Guess this is just a story to get it off my chest.
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I hope that you find a way to keep things going till social security comes in. I wish I had a job where I could work at for 20 years or more. Guys like me in my profession do not have much of a long tenure in a job. I would be devastated to have something like that to happen to my wife. (when I have one....)<br />
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I guess I have one question, did they offer you any type of medical coverage when they downsized you out of your position? I was offered some kind of coverage when I was let go from my last full time job, but I went for what the Veterans Administration offered since I would have it much longer than just 6 months and all my major medical operations would be paid for with no copay out of my pocket.

I can relate.... I had a job were i worked for 24 years ,, and due to consolidation,,, I lost my job. I am grateful for a small pension that I receive from that job. However it does not cover my Bills... And to add more misery ,, I just found out 2 months ago that my husband of 28 years has lung cancer, spread to his brain and liver. We applied to Social secutiy right away,, and were approved however we were given a 6 month waiting time. What am I supposed to do for 6 months...... I want to feed him healthy foods but cant afford it... his medications are over 200 a month.... I love my husband so very much, cant imagine a life without him,,,, I dont know what to do next