Need a Job .....

i am so broke!!!!  Looking for a job is not fun!!!

Money does make the world go round, and the washer and dryer too...

It is not easy selling yourself for a 9-5. Since  I am broke, I will go out into the mean old world and try  to find something that makes me happy!!!

josie josie
36-40, F
3 Responses Jun 14, 2007

Not that it's an answer but I joined a few of the local survey places here in town. You can find them in the phone book. I just went last week, spent two hours rating song for a local station and made $75. You can't do them all the time but they do come in handy. I've gotten paid for trying diapers w/ the kids, for getting a perm, new foods, etc. Check it out...

My tiny piece of advice (I'm looking for work, too) is to think of something really happy and fun in your past and walk into the interview standing tall and smiling. Good luck.

Good luck. Remember never sell yourself short. Market yourself even if you have no idea what the hell your doing. Most jobs are learned while doing them not before. Out of college I worked as a states attorney and had no freakin clue what I was doing. I really didn't feel comfortable until a year later and decided than that this was something I didn't want to do.