Pay Check to Pay Check!!

I’m an RN and I’m employed...that should say it all. I think nursing is the most underpaid and least appreciated profession in the world, course your opinion may vary:p

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I am a nurse too. I live in the Philippines. I really want to still work as a nurse but because of lack of experience due to surplus of nurses here and due to lack of finances i am stuck here in the province. I want to go to work to the big city and meet people, my parents are not supporting me. I understand that I have to get any job to support myself but they are not letting me.

Nurses are paid well here in Rhode's the cost of everything else that is making everyone broke here!

I know this post is somewhat old, but my husband is in school right now to be a nurse. He has done several different things, he was a soldier, Police offocer, armed security, and retail...Now at 53 he is in school to be a nurse. Do not know just how it will turn out, but he is trying. Everyone thinks that they are underpaid. Police lawyers, soctors, right down to the people who serve you at the local burger place. We all need more money, but you made due with what you got. MAybe we should be alot more like our grandparents who lived through the Depression...It would blow your mind the things that you can do with out when you have too...and the things thqat you can do when needed. Read my story "I lived in a tent"

Congratz. .... that shows what a great person u are...i have a friend who's in her late 30's and now after seeing her 5 kids into school is now going back to univesity to fullfill her dreams....and u never know what's in store for you in the future :)

It takes a special person to be a nurse:) Nurses always make me feel better. Don't feel bad...I am 43, a mother of 3, decided to go back to college...Finally graduated last December....racked up $30,000 in financial aid I'll have to pay back...and am still working here in this pathetic town I grew up in for $8.47. per hour. I'll never get out of this mess!!!

They are in great demand in Huntsville Alabama area too. One of the hospitals even has a great sign on bonus. I thank you for being a nurse. They are the most helpful people usually having to deal with the worst of situations with people who are so scarred and think you have all the answers. Thanks for being there for all those people that are in need.: )


You're in great demand in Washington state, they pay 28$ an hour.

its true that it is undervalued and underpaid and a thankless job most of the time. I would imagine it also feels like you have no power to make it better.