Where to Go From Here......

I am broke.  In the past year, I have left a low paying job in retail supervision to finish writing a book.  When the book took more time than I had money to support myself, I took the tests and became an Insurance Agent.  In the meantime, I took in a destitute cousin who had a drinking problem that I was unaware of.  She so disrupted my life that I ended up in the hospital with severe diverticulitis that almost killed me.  Needless to say, I lost commissions for 2 months, had to pay all the house bills myself while the hospital bills accummulate. 

I hope to send the book to an agent soon but I have no illusions as far as it is concerned.  It will probably be rejected but I will continue on.  My 21 year old just lost her job and is with me along with her two dogs.  My husband died in 1999 from cancer.  I am a cancer survivor as well.  I am looking for a job but at 58 it's difficult.  My bank account holds the grand sum of $30. 

Hopefully, I will find a job but right now things look pretty grim.  Guess I am not alone in this.  Just wish I had a magic wand.

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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

I trid one.....Does not work....And do not even try making a wish....You know the old saying about being careful what you wish for....You just might get you wish....<br />
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I made a wish that I could have a roof over m head....and I got that wish......I sleep on the floor of my MIL apartment....<br />
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But all I can say is keep holding on....You will get to the end....But right now with the way that the economy is.....Lots of us are in the same boat