im so tired of having no money. my parents are disabled and i feel like they have successfully prevented me from having a shot at anything because they never had the money for it. im greatful for my life but im sick of living it due to lack of money. try coming home each day wondering if you're going to eat or not.
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I feel your pain

im sure you can get help somewhere

See . I know almost nothing at all about that site myself, so I hope that you write a reply to this message about how effective that site turns out to be with regard to the stress imposed on you as a caregiver. In your particular case, you are a caregiver who has the double stress of caring for two disabled people, and in addition you are someone who has at a young age been experiencing long-term financial stress.

I myself have experienced a life history situation that was somewhat similar and in at least one way worse, but having that life history does not make me an expert.