For Once.

For once, I just want to live my life and not have to worry about money. 

I just want to go to the store and buy my beauty products without a second thought like some people can do, I want to pay off my school loan, I want a car, I would love to sponsor EP.  But I can't get a job because I have never worked before, and every job I look at requires experience to do it.  I feel so stuck.

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5 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I hate to say it (I DESPISE working fast food as well), but singer's got a point, with no experience ya gotta start somewhere damn close to the bottom and work up from there.

Well, I know this sounds weird, but I have fainting and nausea spells that have led me to having panic attacks. For some reason, the smell of food, especially greasy food like that makes it really bad for me. Sometimes, if its a hot day, I don't even like sitting in the car at the drive thru smelling the smell of the place in the air, it makes me want to throw up or faint or both.<br />
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That's the only reason I haven't gone that route. Because I really don't know if I'd last too long feeling that way =[

What about a fast food joint......They seem to be the only bus. that is not hurting in these times......You never know...You could move up....I worked at one for 6 years...Was a shift leader.....I had stock opps. ins. school opps. and it gave me great things to put on my resume....and I met lots of nice people.....Yes it is hard work....But any type of work is hard....and with some of could always transfer if you wanted to...

I just applied to JC Penneys yesterday, so I'm hoping!<br />
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It was the only one I found that didn't require experience.

Just go out and get any job that you can at the moment....It will give you something to put on to the paper that you will need for your next one.....And at that job....learn all that you can.....Go to work on time.....Or even early....Make it known that you will do anything that is needed.......And take any extra time that they are willing to give you...<br />
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Go in when called.....and get the great rep. that will give them the opportunity to give you a great recomendation for the next job that you might want........But at the moment you will be able to go and buy some of the tings that you want....or need.....It will take time....and at times you will have to pick and choose between what you need....and what you want...But you will also learn that the things that you really want is worth working hard for....and you will love them more for it......Best of luck to you my friend...In these hard times