I'm So Broke and Giving Up..

My life is so lonely, my life is so miserable, I am alone, suffering alone, I hope this will not gonna happen to another person.. It's really hard, everyday im so depressed, im so worried, im so miserable, im so worried.. I am so broke with money.. My husband is in another country, jobless and living with his mother, he's young, im so young too, everything I have already sold and pawned it, bills are overdue, I cannot look for work because I dont even have any money for fare and everything, I am only eating once a day bec. I can't afford to eat regular meals and 3 times a day, I asked for help tothose people can help me, they give but I dont think I can ask for anything anymore, I am paying bills, apartment, connection, electricity, I really dont know what to do... I said this to my husband and he just said i'm doing everything I can do.. He's selfish, he can go back in military but he doesn't want, he can eat 3 times a day and I can't, I'm so skinny right now, sometimes I'm only eating 3 pieces of crackers a day, and im just crying, I just dont know what to do anymore, im so hungry right now, i just want to eat, sometimes I wish for my death, sometimes I am regretting the moment i married him, sometimes i'm wishing i wouldn't wake up everytime i'm going to sleep. I told him, I message him about this but ubtil now he's not talking to me.. He is so selfish and irresponsible.. I reall dont know what to do.. I dont want to live anymore...

MrsMiserable MrsMiserable
7 Responses Jul 10, 2009

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Hey I don't know you and thankfully this forum's post are totally anonymous but I would like to tell you a couple of things to help you get going through this tough times in your life. Firstly remember God works in mysterious ways and he will put you through situations where you will think to yourself there is no way out of this situation and I got nowhere else to turn to, but I believe he is testing our believe and trust in him. Therefore, in your heart of hearts, however tough the situation is, put your complete trust in him that he will get you out of the difficult situation you're in. Having said that, don't just put your trust in God and sit back and don't do nothing to change your situation. Do your part as well. Try your best to find a job so you can survive and God will do the rest. I know you're going through a very difficult time but another way of trying to go through the tough times you're going through is to think about the people who are in worse situations than you. For example, there are people in Africa who cannot even get a single meal a day and on top of that, they don't have security and are not safe. At least you have safety in America! Finally, Having gone through extremely hard time myself, I know it's not easy and I'm still getting things back to normal one step at a time! I want to share with you things that worked for me, remember when those never ending thoughts get in your head, and you jump from thought to the other, breath heavily and keep saying to yourself "I will be fine" "I will be fine" "I will be fine" "I will be fine". Then if you believe in God have a sincere prayer and pray to him directly as if he is listening to you. I used to be very calm after doing that. If sometimes thoughts keep coming back you can go to friends places who have no idea what you are going through and it helps to get your mind away from whatever is bothering for a few hours and go with the flaw of whatever they are discussing. I want to sincerely wish you all the best in your journey to get your life back on track and NEVER LOOSE YOUR HOPE AND TRUST IN GOD! I'm sure you will be fine just be patient!

you need to come out of your self pity situation.get up and decide something for your life.

I'm so sorry for your circumstances. I wish I could help. Try the food banks in your area for the other meals. Try St Vincent de Paul for help with bills. Since Obama has become President, everyone is so poor. Businesses are failing right and left. I looked you up because I cant keep up financially, and I was middle class but doing ok before this President came in and ruined everything. I don't know when or how things will get better, I just hope they do.

Girl...u come first! Apply or goverment help u have to do wat u hav to do! Girl we live in the usa where there is sooo much help...Sounds like ur hubby is no help....get rid of someone who is selfish...u should b his priority! Keep strong and good luck!

Have faith in God and let the government help you with food stamps. Leave the jerk. He's useless. Men are suppose to provide for their wives. If he is not able or willing to do this, then love yourself <br />
and choose to begin life without someone who doesn't care enough for your best interest. I did it.<br />
I might have to work hard, but I eat and am grateful for the little things. Jesus never fails.

Do you live in the U.S.? If so, there are plenty of food banks you can go to, to get something to eat. Why don't you try applying for some kind of public assistance? There are things you can do to get yourself out of this situation, and I would be more than glad to help you in any way I can...<br />
"Don't worry...about a thing...cause every little thing...is gonna be alright!"