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I am the sole provider for my family. I make about 2300/month after taxes. That sounds like a pretty good income but I live in Hawaii (not by choice). Some months we squeeze by. Other months are so hard I feel like giving up and moving to the beach. Now the state funded healthcare my wife and my child recieves is being tooken from us. This brings my take home down to 2000/month. It wouldnt be a problem if I worked two jobs but right now im trying to escape that life by going to college. So many people I know are trying to get ahead by returning to college. My employer is talking about furloughs and paycuts and I get so stressed during the day I feel like Im going to throw up. Im done whining now but I must admit it makes me feel better to share with you people.

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4 Responses Oct 31, 2009

It is good that you have an income and you are doing your best to improve. I understand Hawaii is a very expensive place to live. and beautiful. i am sure there are many lovely activities that can be done at little or no expense. I hope you can find the time to enjoy them with your family. when we worry about our income too much we can miss out on the life that we are working for. You sound like you have it under control. Kudos.

I feel your pain, I am on disiablity, husband had to back to work because his SS did not cover our bills. Then for every $2.00 he makes over $13,650.00 which he does he has to pay SS back a $1.00. We are in the hole for $19,000. with SS. So they cut his check, which does not help the matter. All I can say is just heang in there, finish school and get a better job. Then u can do all kind of special stuff with you kids. Good luck and keep your head up.

Hey my friend... don't get upset ...there lots of people who are living less than this...i can understand your pain...try your best ..this is life.

Doesn't this seem to be too common in the last few years? I don't know how people with small children even survive in this economy.