Heartbreak, Is What I Needed.

It's hard coming to the realization that everything he said, was most likely a lie. I believed so much in our love, when really it was only my love that was true. The reality of it all, hit me like slap in the face.
I am broken. My heart, is constantly in pain. My mind, is constantly on him. But this is what needed to happen.
That's something he said to me, this needed to happen. At the time, I only felt anger...No you cheating on me did not NEED to happen...but now that I've had time to think about it, he was right.
It needed to happen, so I could find out that his love wasn't real, before I fell any more deeper into love with him.
Not that the love I felt already wasn't strong. But if I had, had this baby-while still being with him, then I would have felt like I owed him the world. Owed him, for giving me my daughter.
Now, because of his actions, I've been saved. I get to deal with this heartbreak before I have my daughter, and when she comes she will be an even greater gift. Because she will have all of my love. It doesn't have to be shared between both him, and her. She will have it all. <3
I still feel the pain of course. The pain of missing him, the pain of being deceived by his wonderful lies...but now I have something to look forward to. I look to the past in sadness, but to the future with hope.
I am picking up the pieces. My heart will once again be whole. My mind will not be focused on him. This is exactly what I needed.
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

You are so positive. Your are so strong. I admire how brave you are.