Thats Me.

Something that i commonly think, i am confuzed with myself.
i used to think that confusion was the key to life , but i realised it wasn't i realised that i was something making life worse and more difficult. I realised how sad it was just how much confusion there was in my life.

I think that im whole because from the OUTSIDE it looks like i have the life , but the picture is distored. from the inside there are so many more crack that people don't even bother to look at , and these are something that i would never tell and mainly because i wouldn't be able to stand the fact that people would think that im anything less than perfect.

I am broke and whole i am everything and nothing all at once.
And thats something that i know i might have to live with for a while.
kayla13 kayla13
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 21, 2010

good luck girl :) <br />
happen to know that someone shares this with mee.