My Story

It all started mid June when I noticed that my husband was acting strange. He was constantly on the phone or texting. Going in to school early and staying late. Two nights he actually left the house in the middle of the night and did not come home until after school. It is funny my gut tells me there is someone else but he looks me in the face and says no. Needless to say 2 weeks later he leaves me and tells me he is unhappy. He says he has been unhappy for 2 years and is leaving. We have 3 children 9,7 and 5. Since then there has been conflicting stories about things that has happened but he always seems to have an answer for the descrepencies in the story. Friends and family think that he is manipulating me but I don't see in any point in him doing that. He is gone but has told me still loves me. He tells me he doesnt know if he is coming back when I ask him. I wish I could figure out why he is still hanging in there. We have had lots of talks and lots of tears about getting back together. He says he was unhappy and is afraid if he comes back he will be giving us false hope in case he leaves again. In the mean time my business has gone under and I have no job. He wants us to move to seperate dwellings but finacially we can't do it. I have never been so lonely, so empty, or so sad. Half the time I can barely function. I feel sorry for my kids right now because they have half a mother. I have never made it to the angry stage that everyone says I will get to. I still love him too much and I really believe with all my heart we could make this work.
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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

You are an incredible person. You truely love him. I will pray for you.