Pls Help Me Forget Him

i am a professional, married with one kid. My husband works in a different country as mine.. for years i was trying to be loyal but just two months ago, i got involved in this person from my work.. he is also married. we go out on a regular basis. we became intimate and fell in love, well as for my point of view.. after 2 months of being together i finally ended the relationship but just for a week cause i cannot stand being strangers with him again.. but he refused having a 2nd chance which was so painful to me.. i don't know it its just my ego.. now im really hurting so much.. i still love him.. somebody pls tell me how will i able to forget him easily. thank you
heartbroken78 heartbroken78
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My advice to you is transform yourself cut your hair or if you have short hair add extesions etc glam up love

You're a ******* **** in the first to even get involved with a married man, considering you're married too!! Have you considered how this is going to affect your child, not to mention husband. I hope he finds out about this, I hope he finds out what a ******* **** ***** he has for a wife who can't get her ******* legs together!
Dear, if you so desperately want a ****, just go and buy yourself another ***** and shove it up your arse and moan like a bloody **** you are. **** you and your kind to hell, ******* like you make me sick!

Well dear..same story..I have been doing it for baby is being tough on me also..long story..we both seperated for each other I made a mistake (not with another)..she will not forgive me this time..she took drastic measures to g et over you are not alone..I am so heartbroken also..feel free to send message if you need to talk more..maybe give. You a guys perspective

No one can help you forget a person . People might advice you but not help you ,because only you can help yourself since you know what's best for you . Trust me dear

I'm wondering if you should have gotten invovled with him in the first place. You're married, he's married, and obviously for you, it was more than just for physical reasons. Seems like you were missing more than just sex. It's going to be hard, but you should move on. The affair didn't fix a thing. Maybe it's time to talk to your husband about things that are on your mind, and maybe his too? That would be my suggestion. All the best :))

thank you for the advice.. maybe im just missing somebody to talk to... when my husband was here with me, hes like my best buddy.. just him and me... i should have remained loyal and resist temptation.. thanks i need some good advice like yours

Aw sweetie anytime :))'re just missing a companion. It's hard I know, temptation will always present itself, but just stay strong. It's always tough when one has to work overseas. Take care. :))