He Calls You Hot, I Call You Beautiful.

He calls you hot, I call you beautiful.
He makes you pay for dinner, I don’t let you.
He blows you off for his friends, I blow off my friends for you.
He picks on you, I stand up for you.
He loves your body, I love your soul.
… He asks pictures without clothes, I ask them without make-up.
He never invites you to his house, I want to show you off to my family.
He parties hard Saturday night, I stay up thinking of cute messages to send you.
He’s the one who makes you cry and, I’m the one who wipes your tears, holds you tight and, whispers, “It’s going to be alright. I'm here."

moonlightraven moonlightraven
26-30, M
8 Responses May 17, 2012

I am in love with this.

I love this.

In the begining a guy is tons of fun and sweet. Then the act wears off. But the girl kept chasing the person she thought was there, plus he is still fun. Being bad is fun. So she chases the fun and fanticy of love. Plus, in todays society sleeping around and treating ppl bad is cool. Its a str*p club mentality. "She is so hot, look at all these guys that want her." I wouldnt want a guy that b**gs 50 girls a week. I would want him to b**g me that many times!!!!!:)

Read the first few chapters of "The Manual" and you'll get why this is happening to you. Its not fair, but it's reality :(

That was beautiful!! Wish someone would write something like that to me!!

Cuz jerks know hot to sweet talk , hypnotize and make girls crazy about them .

Heya, I really enjoyed reading your poem, it was really beautifull. They say that girls always love the bad boy's. It's time us woman understand that being treated like a queen by respectful guys doesn't hurt. Thank you:)

I also wonder why girls are into jerks. I'm not generalizing but mostly. Welcome and thank you too :)

wow thats very insightful indeed and very well said :)

Thanks :)