Worse Than Physical Pain.

I would much rather take a bullet in both knees than go through such a soul eviscerating heartbreak again. Unless of course it IS worth it, of course. But lets be real, that's like finding Waldo, or having found proof of some legendary monster. Let's just face it, love lives in a book now like some song says...I think. Heartbreak...love gave me the best emotional gratification I have ever experienced, but took my heart as collateral. Without my consent love set fire to what I had worked so hard to grow. What we both had worked at. And I tried to keep it alive, I tried everything. I think this is what doctors must feel when they have failed to save someone's life. Live you son of a *****...don't die.....survive. And after all the feeling has gone from the persons eyes, it's absolute, it's all consuming, it's death. And you can't bear to look at them again. The glazed look in their eyes....I remember every single moment...every word....every agonizing tear that fell as we both tried to mend what was left. The details I will keep. She has a shard of my heart in hers, because I know I have a shard of her heart deep in mine........I will find love again, there is no other remedy for heartbreak. Or so Id like to believe.
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Your right. Most people are NOT worth it. Either the person is passionate but has no restrant. Or the person is "faithful" and dead on passion. Most are users and only care about money and power. Love is someone who you can tell your dreams to and they make it there dream to. They help you get what you want and go along for the ride! Vis versa. But I never met more than a few ppl even capable of actual love. Most ppl are just wanting a step up. Not love.

Poor poor love, broken hearts do mend,but never fit in where they fitted before. You will always be changed. Suppose we have tolove the changes that happen. I am so sorry.x

No need to be sorry I'm at peace now. Memories are still painful and comforting. And you are right, thank you for acknowledging me though.

hon...first work on who you are. independent of love. you need to be strong, need to be someone who wont lose yourself in it, to be someone who can enjoy it in its entirety. dont focus on finding someone new yet, focus on what you want in YOUR life. those things...will come later. dont get ahead of yourself, itll hurt you later. take this slow and easy, do the effort you can to distract yourself. and time will take care of the rest,

I appreciate the advice, I'm doing find and msking vast improvements on myself and keeping busy, the only problem is when I drift into my memories, but other than that im just peachy. Thank you for acknowledging me.