Robby's Story

In my marriage I felt alone and abandond, my step-daughter passed which pushed both of us over the edge of our marriage. I sat alone in my bedroom every night cryin and writing to take the sorrow away, but it didn't. A old friend from school walked back in my life sending my world head over heels. He has renal failure so I did what I always do I took care of him. A year later he's better alright, a typical man. My heart is shattered, the pieces will never mend I don't think at this point. I left my husband to be with this man and now "He's not ready), wow, really. My children won't talk to me and I just feel really alone right now. I work two jobs to dig my way out the of financial crap he left me in. Found out his controling father has control of his money so He lied about helping me. Wow, is their anyone out there that wants to have a normal relationship? Why does things always have to be so difficult?
Robby1963 Robby1963
Sep 12, 2012