My Heartbreak

Everything started in January 2012. For six months me and this amazing guy were seeing each other and were officially together 3 months. I no to some people 3 months doesn't seem like much but we had enough love and loved each other like we had been together for years. In them 3 months we lived together and were together 7 days a week it was so perfect. In the months we were together we never fought once never argued or disagreed we really loved each other. I have very visual and clear memories of everyday we spent together i would love to have one of those days back. I remember going to do some shopping with him one day he surprised me that day with flowers and cookies. It was strange because we never started becoming distant or apart but one night we were playing a game downstairs and he gave me a strange look at the time i didn't no what the look meant but now i do, it was the look that he wanted to break up with me but didn't no how but at the time i ignored it. Later that night we were upstairs ready to go to sleep when he went quiet and wouldn't talk to me. I tried many times to get him to speak but he wouldn't. After about half an hour though he got out his phone and wrote down his feelings. He said he had feelings like he had, had with hi ex and told me it dint work out. After awhile i couldn't look at what he was writing because it was killing me to read it so he just went its over im sorry i don't love you anymore. I screamed and screamed and cried until i was sick. He really was the love of my life and i am still heartbroken and a mess. I feel very alone and lost. I lost my family and many friends because i chose him over then. We were so perfect together i have no idea where we went wrong i love him still so much and my heart will never be fixed now. I cry for him still everyday and night the worst thing was though was looking in his eyes knowing it was over forever i miss him so much and i will love him forever always i just wish our relationship hadn't been a lie feel so alone now to be with someone constantly to being completely alone is the hardest thing i have ever had to do but i had no choice i just wish someone someday will hear my silent tears and tell me im not alone i just hope that isn't a fantasy i just had to share my heartbreak i love him always will he was my one and only forever.......
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everything will one day work out but try get ur family back I wll be ur friend

that means a lot thank u i really hope things work out soon

I know how its feels, after 5yrs my boyfriend told me the same "i dont love anymore" ... i was devastated!.. But be strong, everything will fall into place with time...

You're not alone...hang in there

thank u that means a lot to me

im sorry for what happened.. im also here for you..

thank u

Im sitting at my work desk feeling heart broken, I know how you feel. Unable to do anything, wishing she would send me a message just to say hi. The worst thing is I know I am fueling my pain by not wanting to let go, becuase I know if I let go, I will have to let go of the memories we had.

sorry u feel like that as well if u need to talk im here

Hi lylkitkat, its only been a few days for me since she left. Ive never felt like this for anyone else. I dont know what to do. I try to occupy my self with things but cant help thinking about her when I'm alone. I dont know when this feeling will go away, I dont know if I want it to go away. Ive always kept my emotions to my self but this website is helping me to know that I am not alone. Im sorry Im going on about my self. I hope you are doing well and feeling better. I believe there is someone out there for everyone and we shouldnt give up on hope and we should not let our pass experiences mold our future. Love is free pain is at a cost.

hi yeah i no how u feel its horrible to be honest i dont no if there is anyone else out tjere for me but i hope so like u i have to believe that there is

I am so sorry for your pain I also have a broken heart

im sorry for u to if u need to talk im here

Ty it's so much easier to share my pain with u all here bc u know how it feels ppl who haven't felt what we have don't understand our pain and how hard it is to continue the day with so much sadness

yeah i no what u mean

Its one of them nights were I can't sleep I miss her and my other son I miss that family we had :"( it just keeps getting harder all I want is to be able to be with her again feel safe with her and have all our kids under the same roof idk how much more I can take its killing me

im sorry i hate nights like those i would suggest may sound stupid but hold a pillow or something trust me it helps i feel like everyday is harder whithout my ex because its another day where i should be with him your strong i no u can get through this

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