I Can't Get The Guy I Want

I feel so weak, not being able to have you. I could only look at you and imagine what we could be. I could almost hear my heart crying for you. but my brain pulls it together.. so disappointing how you couldn't see me. How could anyone of you not see me. yeah sure they can give you beauty to pleasure with but can they stay and be there for you always? I want you to be mine. the thought of it just makes me wanna cry. can I cry in front of you? so you would understand me. I wanna be with you. my friends can't do anything to cheer me up, especially not when I can see you and her happy together. my heart is like going to burst. tears run down my cheeks, uncontrollably. even though I wipe them several times, they won't stop. when I cried that time, you saw me right? and you didn't even do anything, that's the worst part. I felt broken and alone. I feel so depressed and hurt. I wanted to just disappear.

and everyday I see you, I just wish I have amnesia. I want to forget you but forgetting you is like remembering someone I never knew. If only I could move somewhere else, I would, so I will not see your face-you, the person I love. the one I've been crazy about. how I wish you knew how I felt. but no matter what, i guess you wouldn't understand.

but I wanted you to embrace me, kiss me on my forehead and protect me. I want it to be you. You only. she's lucky to have you. I hope I could be happy for you soon.. but it seems like being happy to have nothing. nothing at all...
Amandra Amandra
18-21, F
2 Responses Oct 7, 2012

Hey there (: would u like to chat with me?

nope. wrong timing dude. I'm working on a assignment

I wouldn't waste your feelings on a guy who sees you crying and doesn't even bother to come over and ask you if you're okay. Let him skip around with his girlfriend and then when they break up, which they probably will, you can be the one staring at him as he cries ^_^...but don't go to him and profess your feelings for him when they do break up..that'll just make you the rebound girl.

ha ha! revenge! XD just kidding. well that is really good thinking though. how could I've been so dumb.? X)

You're not dumb..just not mean-spirited. You should be thankful for that.

:) thanks. I appreciate that.