Bad Girl Phenomemon

Why do men always fall for a b.tch rather than for a decent girl? I have met several men who were supposed to be mature being over 40, men who were supposed to be intelligent and decent being academically educated. In the beginning they all complained about young girls who tend to be dishonest, pretentious, materialistic and shallow. However, I caught them running after the same kind of women! The irony is even bigger in so much as a decent girl with brains and moral values who is willing to worship her man is usually more beautiful than a b.tch! What is wrong with those men? They say they need kindness and affection but reject it when they receive it. Is it a form of masochism? At the same time when this kind of men end up with a good girl they treat her with disrespect and play with her emotions in the similar manner a b.tch plays with men. Could it be that a male b.tch deserves no better than a female b.tch...

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4 Responses Nov 14, 2012

I agree 😔

I think because they like the challenge of a strong woman. Some girls are too nice and too needy.

five fingers are not equal.

hi , that is my question also. why do men always go for *****...
I concluded that men don't want decent girl because they know that this girl always say yes to whatever they tell them to do or always give in to any disagreement that they have ..Men find it boring and feels no challenge at all.. while the ***** girls always do the opposite, this girls manipulate the man... and they are in controlled.. maybe some of the men finds it more challenging. well i decent and good but show are man that we are also on top and we realized we should not be just have the bitchy mode inside ... We should not always say yes to them...