Prince Charming

I finally met him...He was sweet, generous, I never had to buy dinner or open my car door. or any door. I have been single 11-years. I have dated & cared but never fell itruely in love until now.
we have dated since june it was all fantastic. I could not believe how finally after all these years I found him. I was so happy...even with the rest of my life falling apart he made it all ok...UNTIL
While helping him move I was taking a break... thought I would play a few games on facebook.
Well he never closed his page. And he never friended me. I found out why. He is still in love with
his last girlfriend. Right there in front of my face was a note to his x saying Luv you.....
I left after making a total fool of myself screaming at him. Now I just want the pain to end.
I even went to the doctor this morning. Really tempted to just give up. How am I ever going to get through this alive. I feel as though my heart is being crushed....I am older this is not teeange feelings. This is something i thought I would never feel again. I just want it to stop.
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4 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I'm so sorry for this. You should really check out Incredibly supportive community and access to great therapists.

I am so very sorry for all the pain you are going through.

What a horrible thing to have happen... I'm sorry that you have to endure such pain, I know how bad it hurts. I'm going through heart break as well I haven't told my story yet, but everyone says time, an that's the last thing I want to I'm sure you too!

Yes time...It was just all so much at once. Lost job, losing home. Then he came.
Just what I needed right...He is trying now to make it up to me. Not sure what to do.
Just going to pack and clean and get this home part of my life over.
Good luck to you. I hope both of our stories work out with the happy ending.

Wow. I don't understand how peoples conscious work sometimes...