I Thought This Was The Perfect Love Story..

I've never been a very happy girl.. not happy with myself, because of my weight.

It was the perfect situation, but everything that followed was like a dream.
We met online, and were talking for a good 2 months before we decided to meet up. It was a dream come true, a girl like me to find someone who was going to accept me.
We met up, and i had my first kiss.. sitting on a park bench.. we did the whole cinema shoulder move thing.. we did the cute holding hands. We even went on holiday together, after i surprised him... Spent 4 days together, some days just laying on the beach, watching the sun come up.. playing around, kissing, hugging.. walking along the shore.. it was like i was watching a film..

He was sweet to me, we used to go on skype together, he would write me poems and send me them.. and i'd listen to him play his guitar, he wasn't a very good singer, but it didn't matter to me, because it was the sweetest thing someone had ever done for me, sing a love song dedicated for me.. and he did, he sung every love song you could think of... He came down to visit me, and stayed a week. We lived so far away, that any time we got together was a blessing. We spent days sitting on the couch, curled up cuddling watching funny films. We sat by the window late at night and looked up at the sky, he'd put the blanket over my shoulders and pull me close. He had to stay in the spare room, but every night when my family were asleep, he'd sneak in and we'd lay on my bed and talk.. just talk... about everything.. It was heaven to me..

Until one day, he'd just got home from coming to see me. He got me on skype, and told me he couldn't do it anymore.. and i cried and cried.. but we made up 4 hours later. Couple of days later, he does it again, and changes his mind three times until finally he says he wants to be with me.. and he's sorry.. and he wanted me to forgive him.. and i did.. A week later, i get doubts in my head and other people telling me that i'm being taken for granted.. and so stupidly i chose to act on it..and i confronted him.. he got pissed.. and threw it in my face, told me good riddance and then sent me the song - We are never getting back together.

Since then, i've messaged him a couple of times, and he throws it back in my face every single time, saying, i just want to be single, move on.. and he likes other girls.. etc..

I don't think i can explain how heart broken i am.. right now, or forever will be.. to the point of depression..
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Not worth it.. Thats all I got to say. Dont waste your time with people that hurt you or else youll get used to get hurt and everytime from that one, people will step on you just because you allow them. You are beautiful, no matter what other say, just stick that on your mind, love yourself and everyone will, who doesnt can walk away but dont let anyone put you down. Experiences come with broken heart so now you know what people might be like.. Just be patient. Stay strong. Love yourself and more than anything be happy!

this is so disgusting
he s so rude
u should put a limit for such people
i dont no the details but im sure ur low selfesteem s a distructive factor
u said u don't like how u look & u thk u r not sxy
u thk skinng girls r sxy & highly wanted
u no sthg , a confident girl s the same . ask any man , read any book & u ll no it
u ve to believe n sthg , u don't need a man to be happy
happiness s around u everywhere
i know love s magic but it also hurt us so bad when we r not doing it right
**** him , forget this rude
focus on urself
be a queen & everyone will treat u like a one