He Left Me On Xmas Day

So my boyfriend of 6 years walked out on me on xmas day for another women... am finding it so hard excepting that its over as i miss him and love him so much.. about a month ago he told me that he was severely depressed so i tried to be there for him, he was acting really weird... kept going for walks everyday like he couldnt stand to be around me.. i had suspisions of another women but he kept saying that i should trust him as we had been together so long.. then xmas day arrived and he left me, i kept asking if there was someone else and he said no and then he finally admitted to having feelings for another women.. i just cant believe this has happened, i feel so alone and just cant seem to except that hes not coming back.. we have our own place and im struggling to be here.. i thought he was just depressed and we would get through it and be fine, i cant believe that all the time he was seeing somebody else..
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my boyfriend left last Christmas.. I know how does it feel..
i hope we all can survive and continue our lives...

Now you are alone.. are you really? so he left you.. there are a million and one other awesome men out there.. he obviously didnt give a crap how you felt.. watch him try and come back to you when THAT relationship fails, and it will.. he is not worthy of your empathy and your tears.. he's obviously a loser and a coward.

Everyone says that but it doesn't make it any easier. I miss him. I am sad and angry and agree with the coward part. It's almost like someone has died. Hard to go on. I don't think that he will ever be back despite that my heart wants that now my haed knows that I just can't! Thank you for your kind words though, I appreciate them.

I too am going through something very similar.. I'm not going to say you will get over it right this minute but it will take time.. I know you dont want to hear the whole time spiel but its true.. just take comfort in the fact that at this minute someone, somewhere is going through what you are and have to cope too.. but its good you seek out support here.. we are here for you!

I so understand. My boyfriend of nearly six years left me 12/9/12. I am a mother with four daughters and he had two children of his won. He had left two years ago and I took him back. Then again in September and he begged for me to take him back. I did and he promised both me and the children he would never do this again, I cam home from work that Friday and we went to pick up Christmas presents. I paid for everything. We wrapped everything and went to bed. He woke up on Saturday morning and said that he was going to his parents. He came to the house while I was gone and moved all of his things out. Never said goodbye...just gone. Text me on Sunday and told me that he had a new girl. It has been almost a month and I haven't dtopped crying. I can't eat, can't sleep it justb hurts so bad. He text me to tell me that he was never coming back and to move on. Christmas day my children cried for an hour before they opened their presents. Imagine begging children to open their gifts? I have been a complete mess and even went to a doctor for something to help with it all, I feel like I can't breathe most of the time. Today I started to think about that Friday and how when I had come home he had gone through lots of our personal papers for organization. I think about how he spent two hours upstairs with his own children and then came down to wrap gifts with me. I think he was telling them then. Then he just left and never came back. No explanation, no goodbyes to my children whom have spent most of their life with him. Nothing. No contact, He has already moved in with this new girl and I have done nothing but cry. I loved him deep into the depths of my soul. I don'tknow how to move on, how to cope. I understand your pain.

you got pwned haha

You too I'm so sorry I cry so hard all I can say is be strong it happend to me same thing.

Wow....so very sorry this has happened to you. I don't even know what to say to make you feel better, but I am sending you hugs

Do you know why he left you? im finding it so hard its killing me.

My husband left me yesterday New Year's Eve. Came home got cologne got changed haircut and walked out. Didn't even kiss are 4 yr old girl goodbye. The best is his mom and son are still here. They gang up on me thinking I'm crazy. It's the gaslight affect