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I am from barbados but i live in canada now ,my name is Ivan. while working here i met this beautiful filipino woman,we hit it off and started dating before long we moved in togeather as i dont have any family here and neither does she. we have a son now and became a family life was good and we were happy, tragicly her nephew died in an accident so she went home for the funeral, a couple of weeks later i recieved a txt saying that she was not returning to canada that was three days ago. i cant seem to contact her about my son,i have not eaten,slept or gone to work because my heart is broken and i am left here in an empty house with lots of memories...how can people be so cruel...
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2 Responses Jan 3, 2013

I hear if they are your true love you can feel there emotions
Did you feel that?

Opportunists Im sorry to say.....you need to go on and be strong, and get on with your life. I know its hard but we all get hurt in life some worse than others.....all the best to you..

thanks ,that really means alot....

Anytime, I feel for your pain right now, but the best you can do is go forward when you feel ready. There are good people out there, look for them and it will happen.