Missed : Thoughts From The Past

I didn’t see you today. I was late, I thought you’d think I wouldn’t come.
I hurried as fast as I could. To where we would meet. To you.
When I got there, you weren’t there.
I asked if you’d been.
” I haven’t seen anyone,” they said.
So I waited.
For a while.
For an hour.
I looked at the door, every five minutes, every minute, every second.
I knew after an hour you weren’t to show.
I…I was disappointed but only because I thought I’d see you. I needed to see you.
My day had a little less light without you.
I’m sure you were busy.
I’ll see you in a day…or two.
I miss you.
NofaceMichael NofaceMichael
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 10, 2013

u write really well, it s honest , pure & loving
i hope u see each other soon

Thanks, this is from a while ago. Won't see each other again, I'm afraid.

wat happened ? , u just wrote that yesterday , y r u so afraid?

I wrote this 2 months ago. She hates me now and acts like I don't exist. C'est la vie.