It Hurts to Much to Let Go

About the beginning of the year i was fine! Well not fine but okay.

I could go to school and not think maybe today will be the day or maybe he will look at me or talk to me like he use to it was easy it was a simple life before the second semester.

We hung out with his friends my friends my best friend is dating his bestfriend to be hung out a lot.

I Fell in love with him he said he liked me we flirted a lot he acted caring and stuck up for me cared about when i wasen't there we weren't together but he seemed like he wanted to be.

He changed to much i don't know what happend he never talks to me or flirts with me or jokes with me when ever i want to ask him a seriouse question he always walks away or changes the subject. It hurts to think he is pulling away from me i tried to stop talking to him to stop contact but he came up and sweet talked me into talking again then he went back to pulling away i cry ever night and always feel the need to be alone. i hate it and don't know what to do or why he is doing it.

Suicidlequeen Suicidlequeen
13-15, F
Mar 18, 2009