So today I met this little
She was so cute and sweet and bright and she was my new friend
I noticed she has some bruises on her face and I asked her what they were from
She said her daddy's girlfriend hit her and choked her
My heart literally broke right then
After playing with her for a little, her mom wanted her home so I took her home
I decided to ask her mom if she knew about that just to be sure
She told me that she knew all about it and that she had Hailey tell the police everything
Luckily, because she's so bright, she was able to explain in detail what had happened
It's so sad what some people can do to innocent little 4 year olds
Hailey has since, become my new bestie
I love that little girl
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1 Response Apr 4, 2015

4 years old is way too young to suffer that!!! not that any age is right, but 4??? what is wrong with people??? :(