My best friend and I, we are completely similar. If I laugh at something, I know she will too. If I think something is mean, she will too. She is the model for what the love of my life should be and with my ****** luck, she might be but I'm straight. Anyway, for the first time in 11years, she was mean to me. It was in public so she was more passive aggressive than outrightly mean but she did it on purpose. it was incomprehensible. I want to think it won't matter but I know myself, If there's venom in a relationship, I gradually detach myself. I expected better than jealousy and that is probably why I'm heartbroken.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2015

that sounds like a really hard situation. I remember my first true fight with my best friend. eventually it was kinda just like "I'm hungry, are you hungry? let's go get something to eat"
just give yourself time to be upset, then put it in the past and move on. if she's as good of a friend as you made her out to be in your first few sentences, she's worth putting it out of your mind.