As far as I can remember, today is the first time I've been so cold in my life. I can't eat properly, I started sleeping too late and have been listening to rock & metal songs which aren't my genre. I seem to lose interest in my hobbies, I love escaping into my books but I just can't even touch them for there is one book that will remind us of some memories we shared with that. I can't even sketch again, the passion had gone down from me unlike before when I feel happy, I would read a lot, I would sketch people's faces. But everything drained. I am slowly sinking in to my own black hole. I can be called depressed but this isn't the first time I've been broken hearted so I know how to handle the situation properly.

I have not been the person I am today. I am so cold, colder than the winter season. Every day I would think of you sending me a message, or you coming over by the house to take me back but it just took me too far.

You never came back. And even so after letting me go, you should've took me back since the first day. But you never did. And that's the saddest part. I kept assuming, I kept expecting things from you that were actually never gonna happen.

The following days I would wake up in the morning, just to know that you are gone. You are gone, you are gone, it was a mantra that kept me broken. If only I could wish to wake up again with your messages and to see your smile again....

I am not me today. I've done things terribly which I know you will not like or allow me to. I need you back so badly but if I just take you back again in my arms, I know that we will just make things worst. We just seem can't be together. We told ourselves that there was a forever for us, but why did you let go of me so easily?

And now I am the black hole inside of me and will be, every time I will remember our bittersweet memories.
gabfreak gabfreak
16-17, F
Mar 7, 2016