So how should I write?

I am writing from the sincerest bottom of my heart, I am hurt.

Recently, A guy just dumped me or should I say broke me into pieces like everything was just an act. I am merely conscious that what we "had" wasn't just a play. At first, I was really really believing that I could know him more, understand him more, despite of all the imperfections that he has. I was ready to love, despite of all the depressing past relationships that I had. I am sure, I did everything that I could.

Like.. waking him up every damn morning.. just to keep him reminded.. that I DO CARE a LOT and that he is someone IMPORTANT in my life.

I do remind me in every possible way that I could, just to make him feel loved, but it was just NOT ENOUGH..

until the day, he told me.. He's just tired.

I asked, "Did I make you tired?"


That was the worst yet devastating answer i received upon asking my worried question.

He said he is depressed. I couldn't get a hold of myself too, because I was also depressed and I was just asking for him to stay by my side the moment I needed him, but he said..

"I can't do this."

So I just said, "Okay. I'm fine with whatever your decision is, I respect you."

Then he left

...with sorries, with all the promises broken, and a beautiful yet sad..


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Mar 22, 2016