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Who Hasnt Had A Broken Heart..?

Yes, Ive had my heart broken, it was unnecessary, and unbelievable, all over something that never happened..sure, I have had my heart broken, and next time, :) will be someone with the ability to get beyond their insecurities:) yes!

Artsydesigns Artsydesigns 31-35, F 18 Responses Dec 24, 2009

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Artsy, I could just cut and paste the same things I already said, its a waste of your time, so when you come running, I'll be here. No way do guys like that change. Im here for you. Ive seen people fool themselves, my own sister did that until I introduced her to a great guy. Again, Im here for you. ~hugs~forever.

Det, you're so persistent, Im going to be fine, and thats that.:) thanks for the comments and support, even if you think it wont work, I love him, and it will work and you are wrong...sorry, I really really really believe in him...this time it will be new and wonderful, he changed and worked at change...I wont throw anymore shoes at you though

hmm, I wish penguins could be a guy from heaven, I love those critters, so cute!, teasing...I will and thanks my friend:)

lol <br />
happy to hear that you have someone who can makes you feel comfortable :) <br />
<br />
enjoy your life :) <br />
<br />
Det* you are welcome anyway :)

Im fine, I am doing great, thanks for the comments,..sorry I feel like a little grump bug today, is that bug? If not, there should be one:) lots to do, but I am fine. I have someone that loves and apprecites me ive known long time, loved too, and it will work!...back off Det:), and I do appreciate that..truly:)

Well, thank you listen up, and also, I dont believe her (you Artsy) when she tries to put a pretty face on the so called appreciation and love of the past one, come on. Its hard to let go of what we know, and especially when it feels familiar, but its bad for you to do so. Hope I'm not out of line...and again, thanks listenup, that makes two votes against..and dont throw shoes at me anymore in gestures, Im a nice guy, and I like you...!

actually loved and appreciated a long time, and doubted, felt shaky about things at times.. a teensy bit somewhat and find all is faith renewed ten fold.

I find I am loved by someone wonderful, whom I have appreciated a long time...and all is well, life is amazing.

Yes , who hasn't had a broken heart ! , I was expecting honesty , appreciation and commitment . but I haven't seen any of them (:o <br />
<br />
I can honestly say to myself that I was with the wrong girl who doesn't deserve my emotions .. I always thank god that I am no longer with her .. we lose time on people who was with us just because they like themselves more than anybody else and because that they were with us and to satisfy narcissism only .... that was about my experience .LOL.<br />
<br />
I agree with *detdoglaw30 * when he said to you ((why in the world would you even want to go back to someone that is overly suspicious, jealous, and controlling? You can do better :) <br />
<br />
I think we should keep our emotions and caring for people who really deserve our honesty and appreciation in our real life or here on EP .. Umm , just to avoid another heart broken .lol.

thanks all, and Det, Im peacefully alone right now, its not bad at all, I have time to work, and see how things go. Appreciate your comments, please take care.

Artsy, ^-^.hmm, from what I've read here, and from answers you've given in the past here, why in the world would you even want to go back to someone that is overly suspicious, jealous, and controlling? You can do better:)...come on, if you're still bummed or not over it, just give it some thought. please.

And now they want me back...unbelievable, finally realized I never cheated at all, god..and all they had to do was believe me in the first place..sigh.

I'm up late a lot..thats ok, you were bummed...yes thats the best way to take it, at least there was that, maybe you can strike it up again, and she feels the same, you never know until you try.

wow I missed that one lol I was a little bummed out before but I just flipped it and was happy and grateful that I had a relationship with her once. Looks like we are the only ones up this late.

I was just being funny...:) or hoped so because you seemed down.

Not to brag but I have the money. Having the family and close friends is enough for today.

too bad, what if someone gave you a lot of money for Christmas.., maybe you would smile then:)?

The Holidays always remind me of a past lover and it sort of ruins it for me.