Give me light
Please share your love 
Open your heart
Hold me in your arms
I am lonely and sad
And, I am tired and broken
I want to make you happy
I want to embrace you
But, I feel I cannot
Because I am not worthy
Because I am damaged
I feel filthy in your presence
Unclean, unloved, unwanted
I want to disappear
And hide from even me
But there is just no place
To tightly encase me
I am always breaking loose
Freed to fall again
I feel like crying
I cannot stand it
I want to die sometimes
My heart is breaking
The pain is never ending
This agony in life
Please, just let me go
How worthy am I
One who hurts you
To breathe this air
To share this space
My spirit has been
Torn out from me
Bloodied and spent
I lie in cool shadows
And pray for an end
And await a dawn
I know must befall
Intensely I wish it not
I am weary and want to rest
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1 Response Aug 27, 2014

I would like for you to rewrite this poem......BUT.... it has to be the complete opposite. I would like for you to write a poem as about healing, feeling the sun warm you, a beautiful sunrise, about a rising phoenix. I DARE YOU

When you write it please let me know and I`ll be waiting to read it. Just remember that we are not crazy or broken.