Always Plan "b"

I feel hurt. First off this could be me just feeling sorry for myslef but wtf what is this website for if I can't express myslef. I love this girl ugh she's so amazing she makes me happy and for awhile now I havnt been happy. So my life was good for a week I had a girlfriend that made me feel like hey mabey things can change mabey I can love her with all my might and nothing could fuckk it up but no life has to be a *****. Her ex said she love her to, wtf!! I'm not mad at my gf its just it always turns out that people I want to be with or are with leave me so I'm no ones #1 choice ever I'm not a plan "A" I'm just a "B" or just another letter in the alphabet. Why is life a *****! Ugh ill put my whole heart into something and it's never ******* good enough. I'm.never good enough!! Why I'm just as good as any other girl I never cheated on anyone in my life always nice pretty friendly. I stand up for what I believe in. So there its is....I have nothing else to say if I can't be happy why should I live life isn't fun without love and no one loves me sure you can say your to young to be thinking about that yeah well mabey that's why all the young kids did it because no one would listen. Mabey that's why they do it. They feel like no one cares, no one loves them,or they can't enjoy life without love. I feel empty ,heart broken,emotional. How many times have I been a plan "B" about 3 times. And in those 3 times I fell hard #1:Tina, God I love her she ****** me over 3times but i lobe jer dont want to but i do #2:Ms Jane awwh baby I'm sorry it was my fault but you could have told me you loved me instead of stabing me and turning the blade tearing my heart and flesh #3 Danielle's, I love you always will you havmt choose yet but I have a feeling and I'm usually right but hey you were sweet to me this past week was the best time of my life as you can see this story is pretty much based on us,I'm trying to make a point how life ***** YOU OVER!!! There you go plan "B" leave comments tell me what you think
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Sep 16, 2012