People Treat Me Like ****! (this Is Long)

Now I met this girl about 6 months ago at work, she seemded nice enough and we started talking a lot on facebook, we swapped numbers and began texting as well all day everyday. I grew to like this girl a lot and so I told her how I felt and she said she liked me too so great right!

We went on a date and I kissed her at the end you know as you do, more texting later that night and the next day but she just randomly stopped replying and then the next day at work she was ignoring me and being friendly with eveyone else anyway I figured that I was the problem and I asked her about it, now she didn't say it but she didn't want to see me anymore anyway.

She spent the next few weeks bouncing about work ultra confident and just generally flaunting her hapiness while I was miserable, I tried avoidiung her for a couple of weeks by working in different areas where I knew she wouldn't be but she kept showing up. She also text me saying she wanted to remain friends (I wasn't up for that)

Long story short I told her that She used me for an ego boost and just wanted me to like her and nothing else. I would never forgive her for treating me like that when all I did was like her for her.

On the friend front I don't really have many. About 4 really good friends and loads of people i just know sort of. I don't see my friends a lot due to them having girlfriends and work, both mine and theirs.

My "best friend"'s girlfriend fell out with me recently for leaving her friend's party because I was tired and wanted to sleep and one of the guys there that I know kept annoying me by frodding my side and saying "Come on! Liven up" despite the fact I;d said I was tired and to leave me be. I wouldn't do that to a friend or anyone really, in fact if they lived nearby I would probably give them a wee shake and offer to walk them home. I was polite I said I'm gonna head home, I'll see you guys tomorrow, nothing wrong with that really.

Anyway she's pretty much banned him from seeing me, we talk on the phone from time to time and I ask him if he wants to do stuff like go to the cinema or that when our days off match up and he'll either give me an excuse there and then or say yes and give me an excuse on the day to bail. He did this on my birthday night out and on the day of my actual birthday (everybody but him was working and I didn't want to spend the day alone I just wanted to go to the cinema, he said he couldn't afford it, I offered to pay him in and he said noe, I found out he took his girl out to dinner that night!). Today he actually phoned me to tell me that they're going to one of my favourite restaurants next week knowing that I don't get out much, I think he was just tying to be funny but it really wasn't

The other 2 I do consider to be actual friends although they have their own stuff going on they still come and hnag out with me when they can and I have low self asteem and they do try their best to talk me up and make me feel better so I am very grateful for that :)

Anyway just kinda venting here, thanks for reading and if you wanna offer me any advice it would be much appreciated :)
Andy1119 Andy1119
22-25, M
Sep 24, 2012