I Have Never Been Like This Before Is It Wrong?

Okay I'm 23 and male.

I've seen people with kids and a wife and the perfect family. I never wanted one or kids. I was like soooooo never having them.

Anyway I was in a relationship with an ex and it didn't work out due to reasons of her and me not moving forward ever. Anyway I found someone I know loves me and I love her. We talk about our future all the time. Anyway we mentioned kids and I was like I don't know at first =/

Anyway she has gone away to look after her cousins at her Aunties. Anyway she emailed me pics of her baby cousin. When I saw him and his smile and how cute he was I felt confused. I just wanted to pick him up and hold him so much and tickle him and hold him close.

Anyway I told her he was very cute and I told her about wanting to give him a big hug.

She emailed me more pictures and I got tears in my eyes. I have never wanted to kids. Ever. But he began to melt my heart and I was really upset and sad because I wanted to hug him and for him to be mine and hers so bad. I've gotten really broody over the last few days and thought about babies and children and now I really want to have one of my own with her.

My heart has melted at how much this little baby has changed me. He's so cute. I wanna hug him and tickle him and play peek a boo and make him laugh watch him gurgle and smile and suck on his finger and for me to feed him and hold him as he sleeps and get one of those baby kisses that are sooooo cute.


Is this wrong in anyway? because I am so confused at why I am broody now all of a sudden. I damn well want a baby lol. Is it normal for guys to get broody?

SleepAloneSpike SleepAloneSpike
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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

absolutely fine. that my friend is why we have parents i this world :)

of course it's normal....it's just that when it comes to pregnancy and babies, understandably women get all the attention. it doesn't make things easier for blokes who want babies....but it is a need in blokes. i have a son....i want a daughter too. i am 37. there are lots of men who want children. i am one of them. everywhere i look recently there are pregnant women or babies. i think someone is trying to tell me something. it's driving me nuts. rest assured you are not alone.