Too Honest Maybe...


Somewhere around my 20's I decided to be as honest as possible with others.  I don't blur out opinions about others or anything like that, I’m just not going to hide something from you by telling you something else or not at all.  I'd end up slipping up later on and it'd cause even more hurt.  I think some people look at me as a jerk because of this but I can't believe someone would prefer I lie to them. Who know, I've been wrong before.


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i believe we should be honest with people. i also think when were honest people do tend to think were jerks but really i think we want honesty ourselves.

After some considerations I have to say that in my last post I might sound a little bit harsh on the first paragraph.<br />
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This might get a little off-topic, but just want to let you know; why I can get a little uncomfortable with lies (even minor ones) at times is because I had a very very bad experience with a 'friend' who lied his way through on me more times that I could figure it out. It was really devastating for myself because it was my first time meeting someone like him. But after he's out of my life and as the time goes by I guess it's pretty much safe to trust people again.<br />
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And yes, I agree with hippyheart. Though I have to admit sometimes it can get pretty difficult to tell someone an unusually bitter fact/story honestly AND with touch of sensitivity.

Comprehensive2,<br />
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I think you need to look up the definition of illiterate! I'll help you.<br />
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* having little or no education; especially: unable to read or write<br />
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This is the type of honesty I do not condone or portray! It was late when I posted and maybe I should have pulled it into word or something and spell checked it.

Okay "brutally" honest. You're borderline illiterate. There's nothing wrong with telling the truth. That's the bases for honesty anyway. Just make sure that you can take it as well as you dish it out.

Personally, I think it's totally okay to be as honest as possible. I am an honest person myself and I really put a big distance to those whom I know capable of lying - even for the sake of joking around.<br />
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Though, I must admit that in many situations, there is a very thin line between being 'honest' and 'insensitive' and as you might say it, this kind of situation easily lead people to think that you are a 'jerk'. I can tell you that you're not alone, considering that there are some people that think exactly the same way towards me because of this trait.<br />
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All in all, IMO more often than not many people take people with strong sense of honesty for granted. And I do think it takes someone to really understand and appreciate it.