I've Been Practicing For 26 Years...

Every day, twice a day, morning and evening I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, and every Wednesday I host Buddhist meetings at my house. I chant for everything. I chant for the happiness of those I love, those whom I having challenges with, and everything in my life. I chant to be happy, chant for my children to be happy, I chant for my career, and my income and my friends. I've chanted for a car and a new house, and to move across the country. I've chanted for my mother's health...and all has come about in fantastic ways.

I have tied all my prayers to the wish for happiness for every single person. My deep desire is the happiness of all, something we call Kosen Rufu. I have joined with my incredible mentor in faith, Daisaku Ikeda. You can find out more about him at sgi-usa.org. You can also check out my blog chantforhappiness.blogspot.com. Daisaku Ikeda is truly a man of determination and action. He has spent his life meeting with world leaders and inspiring them to be their highest selves. He has written more than 200 books, and countless articles. There is a website of his quotes called ikedaquotes.com. 
I have been a District Leader for more than 20 years...leading people to be their happiest selves. It is my most cherished role in life...next to being a Mom! 

When I knew I wanted to have my children, I chanted to get married to my boyfriend. We had an amazing Buddhist wedding in Chicago on what was going to be a gloomy day in December. My groom-to-be and I chanted for an hour and a half with a friend and the clouds all went away and the sun came out for our wedding!

Before my first son was born I chanted Nam Myoho Renge Kyo a million times. I kept track using a million daimoku chart. For each 15 minutes I chanted I filled in a space. My goals were many. I chanted for a healthy baby, a great income, a job where I could have time with my child, a great house to have Buddhist meetings in, and I chanted for my son's karma. I chanted for my prayers to give him a huge head start on life....for my prayers to have already changed his karma so that he would be born ahead of the game. I chanted for the maturity to raise him well and to be a great Mom. I chanted to be a happy Mom! I chanted for him to have a dream and to pursue it and believe in himself.
I got everything I chanted for...an incredible income, a great job working three days a week, a beautiful home in San Francisco overlooking the ocean and the hills, and

This son is now studying hard to be a Neurologist...a brain specialist Medical Doctor. He received so many honors and awards in High School we had to put everything in a big box just to keep track of it. He has been incredibly mature his whole life...always making the best choices and chanting to overcome all his struggles and accomplish his goals. He is exceptional in so many ways...a star athlete, a runner, a leader in his University...a friend to many...a volunteer at the hospital...a truly great human being. And I have enjoyed every single moment of being his mother. I am happy that he has a chosen field, but it could have been anything as far as I'm concerned...anything that made him happy!
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Thank you for your daimaku. I also wish for Kosen Rufu.

my name is Raoul gakai soka member of the Ivory Coast in the west africa<br />
<br />
I am delighted to make my acquaintance with several members of Soka gakai and encourage them to continue the spread of some law or barriers<br />
daimuku is like the roar of the lion king<br />
nam myo ho renge thank you kyo

I am also a member of SGI and have been a member since February 16, 1968. I joined in Denver, but I now reside in San Francisco. I would like to make a correction to an email address fir Ikeda Quotes, which is http://www.ikedaquotes.org/.