I Practice Buddhism

To all EP Buddhists:

I'd like to invite everyone to join "I Practice Buddhism", a group I just created to be EP's Virtual Sangha for all Buddhists and those interested in Buddhism.

There are 16 different Buddhist groups in EP, with 161 individual members distributed over them. They range from 1 to 53 members; 14 people have membership in more than one group, myself included. There is more that unifies than divides us and separateness is contrary to Buddha's teachings.

Let's share the Dharma together, regardless of school or tradition!

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1 Response Sep 26, 2007

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I agree completely that there is more that unifies we Buddhists than separates us. In our various approaches of trying to recognize that we are not separate from our world, some of us do tend to get lost in the details of our lineage, tradition and schools.<br />
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Of couse we should respect our various traditions, but by understanding our common ground, we extend the spirit of awakening to all beings, all traditions and all genuine paths of awakening. Thanks for sharing your vision, 50.