I Think I Need Help

i have been on and off battling eating disorders since i was in 4th grade...i am now a junior in highschool. last year i fell in love with a beautiful person. he made me promise i would stop so i did for him, he left me. and i couldnt help  but start again. he recently saw me and told me i looked beautiful which encourages me more. i cant help but feel bad when i eat and when i do i make my self think im sick. i just want to b normal and stop hurting. i want to feel beautiful. im sick of lookin in the mirrow and seeing a huge girl.. im 5'9 and weight 154..

loveme92307 loveme92307
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

girl dont even worry, i'm 5'7 and weigh more than you. lol you're really pretty too btw.

okay, well, i read your story, then i looked at your picture, trying to fathom why you dont like yourself. i clicked your pictures, and you are not fat? you are beautiful. your body and your face. i kind of envy you, your eyes are bluer than mine and your hairs naturally blonde (it looks like). theres nothing wrong with you, and if you are uncomfortable with yourself take some vitamins drink water and the pounds will fly off...but i dont know how much you can loose, your skinny already.....so push through it :) your gorgeous