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I just started to become anorexic/bulimic. I started on November 9th. I've been called fat so many times, made fun of, and even my family would make comments about it. I had enough. I needed to get skinny. So I started with throwing up my food, and I barley would do it. But then it escalated, into not eating at lunch, and barely eating dinner. After dinner I would go in the bathroom and take a shower. While in the shower I would throw up my dinner, actually I still do. And now, I'm not eating anything at all, except for when I really have to. I've lost 13.5 pounds since nov. 9th. It's amazing. I'm finally starting to get the body that I want. But the bad part is that I'm killing myself while doing so. I know what I'm doing is ruining my body, but I want to be the skinny girl, just for once.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

i totally understand babe, Ive recently lost 3 stone i use to be 14 and a half stone i done it the healthy way but then i felt the urge to binge one day so i did! i felt so guilty i had to throw up and ive been going round in a circle since then. Theres so much pressure to be skinny sometimes i feel like im never gonna be good enough but then i also think people call u fat then when ur too skinny they got something to say! narrow minded people are always gonna judge u chin up its about whats on the inside remember that when ur feeling down u can change the way u look they cant change there ******* personality haha