I don't no if i should go mute again? I am bored of people telling me what to do with my life if i don't talk everything's better! I didn't speak for a year because of my anorexia and bulimia life was simple nobody told me to eat or anything they just left me.. the only thing is that my ED's got worse and so does my self harm but it's worth it right? I always still spoke through messages. Or sign language that i knew? I spoke to one person that was my bffl and i only whispered.. But i think i'm better left alone nobody cares right? What should i do i want to but i don't? xox
Pippa321 Pippa321
13-15, F
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speak up! instead of shutting up speak up. speak what's on your mind. don't care what others say. people will find every single piece of information to use against you, to bring you down but YOU can't let them do that. they say you're the only one who can save yourself and that is so true! many people have lots of problems, but you can't let them define you! stay strong!

Thankyou! nobody listens to me anyway?:L

i would if you want to say something! :) i'm here always!



I will listen to you Pippa321


you r very welcome.....i care about you and don't harm yourself

Thankyou and i will try!x

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